The Alpha Files

Happy 2011 and welcome to an all new Alpha Files! This blog began as a way for me to write a collection of short stories based on events in my life, but has now grown to something more.

For my few returning visitors, you will notice some big changes. For everyone else, here’s a quick lowdown of what you will find:

Confessions & Lessons: The place to find all of my previously published posts/stories and all of those to come in the future.

Say What, Say Huh?: A traditional blog-styled page where I discuss current events in arts, entertainment, news, politics and readers’ comments that makes me ask, “Say what, say huh?”

The Alpha Files will still be from my unique perspective, but is now an amalgamation of current commentary and an always growing collection of short stories, which will hopefully be published one day. I realized that the amount of time it took to complete a Confession & Lesson was not conducive to the purpose behind having a blog. It may have taken me a year to realize it, but I thankfully did.

So enjoy the new blog and visit often…new posts won’t occur months apart anymore!