My Confessions & Lessons

This ever-growing collection of short stories is what will eventually become a published work. Currently, I’m simply amassing stories and writing as much as I can, so what you will read is unedited. In the end, the collection will “meld” into a cohesive grouping that makes sense as a whole, but for now, just enjoy them as they are. Be sure to leave your comments (good or bad) and I may just quote you and address it!

Havelock Series Part 2: Steam Shack!  Baby, Steam Shack!

Havelock Series Part 1: Like Strawberry James

Be Very, Very Quiet…I’m Hunting Faggots!

A Disney Quest Part 1: Gone Phishin’

A Lion, 2 Witches & My Wardrobe

Is The Gravy Done Yet?

It All Goes Back To Mother

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